12×40 Urethane Deluxe Side Lofted Cabin

This cabin was a repo for sale by Double E Portable Buildings in Starkville MS. Moreover, it generated a lot of interest, and was grabbed up in a couple of days. As a result, we’ve decided to keep this building with it’s features as close as our manufacturing plant. Now we can order it as shown below, or customize it as you desire using this one as a template. 

This is a 12×40 Deluxe Lofted Barn Cabin that includes 2 12×12 lofts that adds another 288 sq ft to the already roomy 480 sq ft for a total of 768 sq ft. One of the main features with a Deluxe Cabin includes that roomy wrap around porch that’s just screaming for a couple of rocking chairs.
Lofted buildings It’s coated with Chestnut Colored Urethane, with a Galvalume metal roof, and Almond colored trim. Listed at $16,300 retail (Plus Tax), this 12×40 beauty has 2 12×12′ lofts, & 3 2×3 windows. Furthermore, it has Rent To Own monthly payments of 807.45 for 36 months, $726.71 for 48 months, & $645.96 for 60 months, and these monthly rent to own pmts include taxes!!
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