16×40 Cabin

cabins and tiny homes for sale in starkville ms tiny house for sale

The 16×40 is $16,344 plus tax    640=$25.53 per sq ft
3 2×3 windows, 1 9 lite door,  1 4′ Front Porch
Rent to Own (Tax Included)
$809.67 for 36 months-$728.70 for 48 months-
$647.74 for 60 months

With Lofts add $2052
Additional 288 sq ft totals 928 sq ft
and is $19.82 per sq ft.
$5.71 per sq ft less when lofts are included.
That’s a 22.36% reduction in price per sq ft



Rent to Own (Tax included)

More information is needed on the electrical package as the number and types of outlets will affect the price, but around $1200 would be a ballpark figure for a building this size.

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